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Website customer support? We are great at it

Does decreased ROI loom over the horizon of your business? Finding a better way to satisfy your annoyed customers? Let our customer support outsource services help you! If your run an e-store, having a website customer support to greet your website visitors is extremely important, as it can fairly enhance your customers’ satisfaction and boost your sales. You can convert over 50% of your web visitors into future buyers with a high-grade website customer support.

Sell your products effectively with customer support outsourcing experts

We are backed by 10 years of experience in offering top-notch customer care outsourcing services to customers worldwide. Our offshore customer support services help businesses improve the level of customer satisfaction exponentially.

What help us stand out among a horde of customer service outsourcing companies is our professional and courteous customer support outsourcing staff. Our support experts are well trained in customer psychology. This polishes their skills of understanding, interacting and reacting to your customer concerns effectively even when your customers are at their worst. Rest assured that no matter how angry your customers are, our customer care outsourcing staff can efficiently turn them into a loyal admirer.

Why outsource customer support to our offshore customer support agents?

1.    More time to invest on core competencies:

Outsourcing customer support services can allow your company to focus on other more important competencies. With our offshore customer support agents, you can concentrate more on sales and business promotion, while your customers’ concerns are addressed by professionals every single second.

2.    More valuable information and metrics:

You are not a professional support officer and have errands to run. Outsourcing customer support services to us will help you get more information about your potential customers and their interests, as this is what we do the best. The valuable information we drive about your prospects will help you to better understand what they are in search of.

3.    Real Time Response:

Our customer support outsource experts are responsive in responding to your customer queries. Our customers will always find us at the other end of the chat every time. Rest assured that all your customer queries are answered immediately.

4.    Cost-effective

The customer support outsource services provided here are set to meet the budget of small, mid and big scale business. We have carefully carved our pricing package while considering the chat support features that varies from site to site.

Benefits of employing our customer support outsourcing services?

There are many reasons to choose us as your live chat support partner among all other customer service outsourcing companies. Outsourcing customer support from us can help your organization in:

  • Converting visitors into customers
  • Increasing subscriptions
  • Providing technical support to customers
  • Helping your customers get best solutions
  • Generating leads at affordable rate
  • Decreasing cancellation rate
  • Enhancing your ROI
  • Cross-selling & up-selling
  • Driving valuable data of visitors for proactive marketing and lead generation.

Give your sales a push!

Increase in your revenue. Save your time, effort and resources with outsourcing chat support from us.

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Outsource customer service to Us

Here you are provided with a great assortment of live chat support services including, proactive chat, chat history and visitor initiated chats. Our outsource customer service professionals are well-versed with all the sup[port process and practices like, lead generation, technical support, information gathering, Order assistance, billing related queries, order completion, email verification and other relevant queries.

We make your business 24/7 active for your customers with our round-the-clock chat support services. Be it mid-night or a holiday, with us, your customers will get immediate responses to their queries every time. Besides closing a sale, our outsourced customer support agents can also help in cross-selling and up-selling your products to the buyers. And don’t worry, in the end, you will always get a detailed report based on metrics along with chat satisfaction surveys.

Guaranteed Performance

What good are our outsourced customer support agents if they cannot perform extraordinarily well with 100% satisfaction guarantee? We’ll work in collaboration with your staff to make sure that our outsourced customer support agents can distinctly excel when compared against an average chat support agent.

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Dedicated Project manager

Handpicking a team of customer chat support professionals is never a child’s play. It demands constant attention and vigilance to guarantee a smooth process flow. Our dedicated project managers are here to save the day! They work closely with you, study your processes, practices, customers and communication tools and serve as a liaison between you and the support team that are employed to provide customer chat support services. Our dedicated project managers keep a keen eye on all problems and consider even the minutest issues before they snowball into big issues.

Lead Qualification

Bring valuable leads that you actually need.

We dig deeper into your processed to understand what you actually want. We can start conversations that will bring your key qualifiers to forth. Our chat support team can fortify your relationship with your customers so that the next time your customers call you, you are already one step ahead.

Are you ready to supercharge your sales?